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Sinai Temple - 10400 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90024 Phone (310) 474-1518 Fax (310) 474-6801

10400 Wilshire Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA. 90024   Phone (310) 474-1518   Fax (310) 474-6801




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A time for discovery, learning, and play...
A time for first steps and joyful beginnings

At the Sinai Temple Preschool / Douglas Family Early Childhood Center your child will receive a gentle introduction to things that take a lifetime to learn.  Dedicated teachers will encourage and cultivate your child's emerging personality, natural curiosity and unique potential.  Each step of the way, your child's developmental readiness and confidence will be nurtured, inspired, and respected.

Learning about themselves and each other in a loving environment empowers children and helps provide the confidence they need to develop warm, trusting relationships with their teachers and their classmates.  These are connections that foster sensitivity and give children a positive sense of themselves and their place in the world.

  The Sinai Temple Preschool / Douglas Family Early Childhood Center is committed to providing a caring and rich learning environment for your child.  You can expect frequent, ongoing communications from our staff that provide insight into your preschooler's growth, challenges, and achievements.  We will remain your partner throughout your child's preschool years, celebrating together each new milestone, each new accomplishment.   Here, you can count on finding a community, a home away from home, and many opportunities to be involved in your preschooler's day.






Central to The Sinai Temple Preschool / Douglas
Family Early Childhood Center experience is its
observance of Jewish traditions and celebrations.  
Children discover the meaning of our religion
through spirited sensory experiences that reinforce
the joy and the pride of Judaism.  They savor the
flavor of sweet apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah,
and see the candles burning brightly on the Hanukiya.
They feel the texture of the soil as they plant trees on
Tu Bishvat and shake groggers during Purim.  And at each Shabbat,
they delight in the aroma of the challa baking and rejoice in
celebration and song.  These traditions help preschoolers define
who they are - and who they will become.


The Preschoolers Day

Preschoolers learn to understand their world through play. Their interests and imagination are continually inspired by the many things around them that they see, hear, touch, and smell.  That's why every activity at The Sinai Temple Preschool / Douglas Family Early Childhood Center is designed to create a unique experience that inspires creativity, resourcefulness - and the desire to learn more.

Meaningful hands-on play creates active learning experiences that are the foundation of your child's cognitive, social, and psychomotor development.  At the same time, varied instructional strategies - from guided reading and modeled writing, to literature based instruction and thematic approaches - provide opportunies for children with different learning styles to develop their own unique strengths and capabilities.

  Interest centers engage your child to explore, discover, and make independent choices. For example, one child may join a group of "architects" who are constructing an airport in the block center. An easel may catch another child's eye, inspiring him or her to paint a picture of the clouds outside. Another may sculpt a teddy bear or puppy from clay. preschool
Indoor activities are balanced with outdoor experiences where running, jumping, exploring, and playing games promote teamwork, improve self-esteem and help build confidence. Children also spend time in both small and large groups, as well as exploring opportunities for self-initiated learning. Holiday themed events provide preschoolers with a sense of tradition and joyfulness that helps create a larger meaning of the world around them, while community service projects teach them about helping others Preschoolers also have plenty of opportunities to learn from real life experiences including scientific experiments like cooking, planting seeds, examining bugs - or learning about water, evaporation and why ice cubes float and melt. From books, music and pictures, to building with blocks, dressing up or telling stories, each child joyfully learns listening, sharing, and cooperation skills that combine to craft a solid foundation for success in Kindergarten - and beyond.
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Questions & Answers | Application | Mission | Parenting Center
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