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Sinai Temple - 10400 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90024 Phone (310) 474-1518 Fax (310) 474-6801

10400 Wilshire Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA. 90024   Phone (310) 474-1518   Fax (310) 474-6801




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The Sinai Temple Israel Center

Israel is our national center, our home, and our Jewish heart.
Rabbi David Wolpe



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Sinai Temple Israel Center


The Israel Corner:

Urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 5833, the Iran Transparency and Accountability Act of 2010, that would require companies to declare publicly sanctioned Iran investments in their quarterly and annual reports to the SEC. www.aipac.org

Watch for up-to-date news and information about
current action items and upcoming local rallies.

Contact: Jan Zakowski at 310.860.8812 or jan@amcco.com.


The Sinai Temple Israel Center is the first synagogue center that provides programmatic resources and avenues for Los Angeles Jewry to establish cultural, professional, spiritual, and economic ties to the land of Israel.

The Sinai Temple Israel Center seeks to forge an ever stronger link between Los Angeles Jewry and our sacred land of Israel by providing programming and resources in the areas of education, culture, activism, and travel. The Israel Center aspires to enhance Israel’s image and standing in our community and across the United States. The Israel Center will act as a role model for other institutions to follow with the hope that they can replicate our various projects in their communities.

Pillars of our Center:

Education Culture Activism Travel
Isreal Center:  Education Israel Center:  Culture Israel Center:  Activism Israel Center:  Travel
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For more information, contact Director of the Sinai Temple Israel Center:
Rabbi Nicole Guzik, nguzik@sinaitemple.org


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Sinai Temple is a partnership between its clergy, staff, lay leaders and devoted members who are committed to supporting the tradition and vision of Sinai Temple. Your gift to Sinai Temple will enable us to continue these holy tasks for years to come. Thank you for helping us to bring our history, our beliefs and our promise to a new generation.
We are a member of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. We aim to provide a framework within which men can broaden their knowledge and understanding of the history and values of our people and in which they can make tangible contributions of their talents and treasure in an environment of good fellowship.
Our goal at Sinai Temple is to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program that is a spiritual and religious experience counseling child and family to God, the Jewish people and to each other.
The Sinai Temple Israel Center is the first synagogue center that provides programmatic resources and avenues for Los Angeles Jewry to establish cultural, professional, spiritual, and economic ties to the land of Israel.
Sinai Temple's 20's & 30's Community
Torah in the Round regularly meets on the third Shabbat of the month, usually located in Kohn Chapel. 
We are ready to commit to Torah—through reflection, persistence, and study. Are you? Welcome to Torah in the Round!
A warm, traditional lay-led family friendly service. We meet weekly, beginning at 9:30am and finishing at 12 noon with a scrumptious kiddush. Come join our family!