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Rabbi Wolpe11/05/2012
Shalom Life
Exclusive Interview with Rabbi David Wolpe – A Spiritual Leader for the Modern Age


Not Another 'Rabbi for Obama'Tablet Magazine

Not Another ‘Rabbi for Obama’

Tablet Magazine

Rabbi Takes Stand for Jerusalem in DNC Prayer


Rabbi David WolpeThe JC.COM - 9/1/2011 - Meet America's top congregational rabbi

Rabbi David WolpePBS - God In America

Rabbi David WolpeThe New York Times - 12/23/2008 - In Madoff Scandal, Jews Feel an Acute Betrayal

Below you will find some of Rabbi Wolpe's nationally published writings; want more? Click here for Rabbi Wolpe's "Off The Pulpit" collection of Shabbat writings.

Jewish Journal



The Washington Post

The Huffington Post


Rabbi Wolpe speaking at 30YA on October 14, 2012

Rabbi Wolpe on CNN’s Faces of Faith, speaking on Why God and Jerusalem matter in politics.
September 09, 2012

DNC Day 2 Benediction: Rabbi David Wolpe - Charlotte, North Carolina - September 5 2012

Rabbi David Wolpe on MSNBC's Morning Joe - September 04, 2012

Morning Joe 09/04/12

DNC Day 2 Benediction: Rabbi David Wolpe - Charlotte, North Carolina
September 5 2012

Face the Nation Religion in America

Face The Nation - 04/08/12

AIPAC Featured speaker at Policy Conference 3/5/2012

Here is Rabbi Wolpe's speech to the major donors at this year's AIPAC conference.

Download the video here: mpeg (standard resolution avi - 66Mb) | HD mpeg (HD avi - large file - 567Mb!)

Or the audio here: mp3 | windows media


Intelligence Squared Debates: The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion

Debates 11/15/12

Fox and Friends

The New God Squad

GOD SQUAD - Good Morning America Sunday Father Edward Beck and Rabbi David Wolpe

The Washington Post Rabbi David Wolpe on his faith - 5/29/2011

La Ciudad de las ideas Debate: Does the Universe have a purpose? - 11/18/2010

Rabbinical Assembly Harold Kushner and David Wolpe - 5/23/2010

Hammer Museum Red Book Dialogues: Rabbi David Wolpe & Lionel Corbett - 5/2/2010

Beliefnet The Real Meaning of Passover

The Today Show Rabbi: Facing cancer and finding faith - 12/16/2008

Jewish Theological Seminary Covenantal Judaism - 11/10/2005

Wolpe vs. Hitchens Is Religion Good For The World? - 10/29/2008
Wolpe vs. Hitchens The Existence of God and the Role of Faith in Society - 11/12/2008

Wolpe vs. Hitchens The Great God Debate (9 parts) - 3/23/2010

Christopher Hitchens, David Wolpe, Sam Harris, and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson Is There An Afterlife?
Emory University Why Faith Matters 7/31/2009
Wolpe vs. Harris Does God Exist
The New Shul 10th anniversary - 2/26/2012
The David Horowitz Freedom Center Why Faith Matters (5 parts) - 10/23/2008


Rabbi Wolpe on The Dennis Prager ShowTuesday, October 14, 2014.

Click here to listen to the recording.





David: Divided Heart Why Faith Matters Floating Takes Faith:  Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World Making Loss Matter:  Creating Meaning In Difficult Times
2014  2008

2004 1999

David: The Divided Heart
(Yale University Press)

Release date: Available Now!

 Why Faith Matters
(Harper One)
 Floating Takes Faith: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World
  (Behrman House)
Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning In Difficult Times
  (Riverhead Books)
Why Be Jewish? Teaching Your Children About God:  A Modern Jewish Approach In Speech and In Silence:  The Jewish Quest for God The Healer of Shattered Hearts:  A Jewish View of God
1995 1993 1992 1990
Why Be Jewish?
  (Henry Holt & Co.)
Teaching Your Children About God: A Modern Jewish Approach
  (Henry Holt & Co.) (Paperback: Harper Collins)
In Speech and In Silence: The Jewish Quest for God
  (Henry Holt & Co.) (Paperback: Owl Books)
The Healer of Shattered Hearts: A Jewish View of God
  (Henry Holt, New York) (Paperback: Penguin Books)

Named the number one rabbi in America by Newsweek (2012)
Named one of the fifty most important Rabbis in America by Newsweek (2007-2012)
Named one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world by The Jerusalem Post (2012)
Named one of the one hundred most influential individuals in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine (2006)
Named one of the hundred most influential Jews in the United States by the Forward (2003)

Recipient of the Hope Award from the Tower Cancer Research Foundation
Winner of a Rackower award for Jewish Journalism
Award for distinguished contribution from the Wellness Center.
Award for excellence in single commentary by the American Jewish Press Association (2005)




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