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Kol Nidre 5776


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We are here to create, to grow, to love and to share with one another ~ Rabbi David Wolpe

This will be a vibrant year for Sinai Temple with programs for all ages: young families, school children, millennials, empty nesters and seniors. From kid-friendly Shabbat services to speakers and scholars who come from all over the world to teach and learn alongside us, our Sinai Community is a dynamic place for exploring and affirming our Judaism. 

Our annual Kol Nidre appeal is essential In order to support the diverse range of programs and services for our entire Sinai Community. Funds raised during our annual campaign support the programs that make Sinai unique. It is only through the generous contributions such as yours that we are able to truly offer something for everyone. Your support means the difference between a synagogue that survives and a community that thrives.

We thank you for your steadfast commitment and support in ensuring that Judaism continues to blossom – both within our walls and beyond.

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