Fund Descriptions

Fund Descriptions:  (Click HERE for our donations form, where you can choose the fund you'd like to support!)

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Adult Education Fund

This committee presents lectures by world-renowned authors and scholars such as Joseph Telushkin, Middle East expert Michael Oren and literary critic Daniel Mendelsohn. Daytime and evening classes featuring Sinai clergy and local experts on topics including Israel, sacred texts, personal growth, Jewish family life, art and music are also offered to the community.


Young professionals (ages 21-39) meet to explore and celebrate Judaism through spiritual, cultural, educational and social activities. They share holiday observances, create social events and host monthly events including ATID Lounge, Family Friday Night Live and Shabbat@Home dinners.

Board of Governors Fund

The Board of Governors independently reviews and discusses issues and policies that are important to Sinai Temple. They support our lay leaders, clergy and staff by developing, hosting, and sponsoring the religious and cultural activities of the synagogue.

Chevra Kadisha Fund

This committee works in conjunction with the clergy and Mt. Sinai Mortuary to ritually prepare the body for burial. The ritual preparation (Tahara) consists of ritual washing and dressing of the deceased in shrouds (Tachrichim) as well as placing the deceased in the casket (Aron). During Tahara, prayers and psalms are recited for compassion, salvation and guidance of the soul by members of the committee.

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Clergy Discretionary Funds (choose the clergy member whose fund you'd like to support from the list below)

The Discretionary Funds of Sinai Temple’/s clergy are made up of donations from the congregation and used by the clergy for charitable and educational purposes. The funds are also used to support individuals and Jewish organizations, to buy books and other materials for study and teaching, to support Jewish organizations, to help students pay for school and Jewish summer camp, to help families facing financial crisis and-or to help with medical bills and other similar needs. The contributions are generally from weddings or funerals, Bnai Mitzvah, shiva minyans, baby naming or Brit Milah services performed by the clergy. Contributions are often given to mark a special occasion or honor. All contributions are tax deductible, listed in Sinai Speaks and acknowledged by letter. Sinai Temple clergy officiate at life cycle events for members without regard to donations made to their discretionary funds.

  • Rabbi David Wolpe
  • Rabbi Nicole Guzik
  • Rabbi Jason Fruithandler
  • Rabbi Erez Sherman
  • Rabbi Zvi Dershowitz
  • Cantor Joseph Gole
  • Cantor Marcus Feldman
  • Ritual Director Ralph Resnick


Dor Chadash Fund

This committee provides social and religious activities designed to integrate parents and young children (ages 5 and under) into the Sinai Temple community. The goal is to encourage commitment to the synagogue and to develop future leaders for our congregation.

Douglas Family Early Childhood Center Fund

The preschool (ages 2-5) is committed to the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development of our children and their families. It provides quality child-centered education based on Jewish values encouraging our children to develop independence, self-awareness, self-regulation of behavior, critical thinking skills, healthy relationships with others, empathy and a lifelong love of learning.

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Family Minyan Fund

The Family Minyan is a warm, traditional, lay-led service that is usually held in Kohn Chapel. In addition to the weekly Shabbat Services, the Family Minyan provides social and educational programs, services for the High Holy Days, Sukkot, Purim and Pesach as well as a weekly kiddush following Shabbat services. The Family Minyan encourages every one of all ages to read Torah and lead prayers.

The Feit Family ShabbatLIVE Fund

Shabbat Live brings the energy and excitement of Friday Night Live to Shabbat morning. Mixing the beautiful traditional nusach of our Cantors and the innovations of Craig Taubman, Saturday Morning Live has proved an enormously popular addition to Sinai services. Come join us!

Friday Night Live Fund

Friday Night Live (FNL) was created by Rabbi David Wolpe and Craig Taubman. It is designed to bring young Jewish adults together to celebrate Shabbat. Blending traditional prayers with inspiring speakers and joyful music, this service regularly attracts 1000 people to Sinai Temple. FNLs success has served to be a model for synagogues across the country and attracts dynamic speakers such as Elie Weisel and the Reverend Rick Warren as well as musical guests representing a variety of styles such as Theodore Bikel, Hip Hop Shabbat and Gospel Choirs.

General Fund

Sinai Temple plays a vital spiritual, educational and social role in the collective lives of our members. The General Fund enables the synagogue to provide a variety of services, such as Bnai Mitzvah, weddings and Jewish life cycle events, as well as a range of cultural, social and recreational activities for our congregants, our three schools (Douglas Family Early Childhood Center, Sinai Temple Religious School, and Sinai Akiba Academy) and the entire community.

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Green Committee Fund

This committee’/s mission is to research, develop and institute positive environmental initiatives for Sinai Temple and to educate and promote those programs within Sinai Temple and to the congregation.

Israel Center Fund

The SINAI TEMPLE ISRAEL CENTER will be the first synagogue center devoted to embracing the modern state of Israel through programs centered on education, culture, travel and activism. It will help foster ties between our community and Israel. With your help, we can build on the legacy of the past to help draw our children and our community closer to our brethren in Erez Yisrael, our cherished and sacred land. It is our hope that other synagogues will follow the blueprint of the ISRAEL CENTER.

Jacob Weisbarth Hospice Center Fund

The Jacob Weisbarth Hospice Center will help guide you and your family towards caring and compassionate end of life care. For those facing a terminal illness, when a cure is no longer possible, the Hospice Center will provide information and referral to a licensed hospice care provider who will offer pain management, support, medical equipment, supplies and medication. Most insurance plans, including Medicare, cover licensed hospice treatment, whether at home, a hospital or other care facility. Trained and certified Sinai volunteers are available, offering a variety of services, free of charge, to patients and their families including arranging for visits by our clergy members, reading to the patient, providing essential breaks to care givers, providing comfort to adult family members as well as addressing the needs of dependent children, marketing, meal preparation, music, art or pet therapy, visits on Shabbat and bereavement support.

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Library Fund

The Library provides our congregation and community at large with opportunities to learn through direct access to a wide variety of books, journals and multi-media sources. It creates and promotes free access to a vast array of ideas and information by supporting lifelong learning in a welcoming environment. The Library contains an increasing collection of books, magazines, DVDs, audiotapes, and other materials. Special programs are also offered including visits by authors, book clubs, movie screenings, various classes, childrens story times, and our annual Jewish Book Month Breakfast.

Music Fund

The Music Fund underwrites musical programs at Sinai to mark special occasions or events, i.e. Yom Hashoah.

Beit Bracha/SinaiTemple Partnership Fund

At Sinai Temple, we consider every child a beit bracha, a great miracle. Every child deserves a Jewish education and bar or bat mitzvah. We have partnered with Vista Del Mar to bring its acclaimed Beit Bracha program to Sinai Temple. Through this partnership, it is our intention to enable every child with special needs an opportunity for a bar/bat mitzvah.

Religious School Funds

The Religious Schools mission is to teach the skills necessary to enable our children to enjoy the richness of a Jewish life, thereby creating a meaningful experience that will empower them throughout their lives. Children who complete the program are called Sinai STARS. The program endeavors to touch children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and creatively, thereby ensuring a greater love and commitment to Judaism as they mature. The following funds were created to allow all children to receive a Jewish education regardless of financial circumstances.

  • Hannah Lippert General Fund
  • Margaret & James Flesh Scholarship Fund
  • Ebrahim & Lida Simhaee Scholarship Fund

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Ritual Observance Fund

This fund is used to purchase ritual objects, i.e. Siddur Sim Shalom (prayerbooks), Etz Hayim (chumashim), prayer shawls (tallitot), tfilin for services during the year, as well as the festivals and High Holy Days. The fund also provides for the repair and refurbishment of ritual objects as needed.

Shabbat in the Park / Jammies 'n' Jeans Fund

JAMMIES N JEANS FUND: Shabbat in the Park-Pack a picnic basket and join our fun and casual family-friendly Friday evening services. We will supply the challah and grape juice, Dale will bring the tunes. All you need are some fun-seeking kids, a blanket and your own picnic dinner (kosher-style, please.) We meet at Holmby Park at 5:45 p.m., the first Friday of every month from April - September. Children, parents, grandparents, friends – even well-behaved puppies – can join together to usher in Shabbat amid the trees and swingsets!Jammies N Jeans Shabbat-Cozy up with your family on a blanket as we welcome Shabbat in a warm, kid-friendly Friday evening service. Kids love padding about in their PJs as they say the brachot with Dale and our rabbis, and you will love not having to cook! A light kid-friendly dinner is provided, free of charge to all who RSVP. So slip on your jeans and get your kids in their feeties for our unique Shabbat experience. We meet at 5:45 p.m. the first Friday of every month from October – March.

Sinai Akiba Academy Funds

The school provides an outstanding general and Judaic education, engaging children in the joy and discipline of learning. Students are introduced to a life of personal growth, sensitivity, responsibility and intellectual inquiry, shaped by Jewish practices and informed by a respect for diversity of thought. Gifts help to supplement and enrich the educational programs that touch every child in every area of learning, from new computers in the lab, to expanded programs in the arts, sciences and Judaic studies. Sinai Akiba Academy encourages you to contribute to one of their many ongoing programs.

  • Sinai Akiba General Fund
  • Sinai Akiba Scholarship Fund
  • Headmaster's Discretionary
  • Curriculum & Instructional Resources
  • Orchestra
  • Learning Support
  • Technology

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Sisterhood Shabbaton Fund:

Sisterhood is a group of Jewish women of different backgrounds and ages who gather to observe and promote Jewish values and traditions while enjoying warmth and friendship in the process. A place for personal growth through classes and programs, and fulfillment through board positions and community service.

Sisterhood supports Israel and many local Jewish organizations includingroviding funds for our synagogue and our schools, funding partial scholarships to Camp Ramah and the Tikvah program at Ramah for special children, and supporting Torah Fund which helps toward the education of rabbis and cantors in the Conservative Movement.

Torah in the Round Fund:

This is a family service that stresses sing-along melodies and up-beat tunes. TIR services are held in Gold or Barad Hall, on the third Shabbat of the month. Bnai Mitzvah families and guests are given special honors such as opening the ark (peticha) and the recitation of the Torah blessings (aliyot) and more. Parents participate in the service by reciting a blessing when presenting their child with a tallit. The Torah is passed from generation to generation and dancing ensues around the bimah. Families are asked to familiarize themselves with the Torah in the Round service and to lend a hand greeting and ushering.

 Teen Center Fund

The Teen Center trains and prepares the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Through leadership boards and skill building, speakers, advocacy, social action, religious engagement, community building, education, event planning, and new friendships galore we instill in our teens a love for synagogue, community and Israel, the foundation for a strong Jewish identity, and the skills to lead the next generation. We are also an active participant and chapter in the Far West region of United Synagogue Youth.

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