Off the Pulpit

Yom Kippur Connections

When I was a child and left a school to move to another city, there was a good chance that I would not see my schoolmates again. There was no social media and every lived in their own city and their own world.

Now people can be in touch with almost everyone with whom they crossed paths. We are closer to the population of our own pasts than was imaginable even two decades ago. Yet with all the potential closeness to others, we seem farther from ourselves.

Yom Kippur is a time to rediscover and renew one’s own soul. It is not about how many friends or followers you have, or the pictures you post, or the political frame of your world. This is about you, as you stand before the Creator and before your honest inner eye. What do you see? Who have you become? What soul growth beckons?

The gates are open to prayer. The question is not who has walked through them before and who will walk through them in the future. The question is – will you?