Sinai Successes

How Do We Learn Online Together?

By Rachel Polansky, Programming Manager

Right before Pesach, Rabbi Guzik hosted an interactive online Women’s Learning class, Taking Back Passover. Participants including Jennifer Malkin were nervous about how their Seders would work this year, “But Rabbi Guzik let me off the hook to do it any way we can, even if it’s in PJs! A “shlecht” Seder this year is OKAY. So relieved!”

Others like Marilyn Stern commended the efforts of Sinai Temple. She has enjoyed all of the virtual learning and community opportunities. She reiterated Rabbi Guzik’s advice, “However we choose to celebrate Passover is okay – there’s no wrong or right way to celebrate.”

How does it feel to teach a class virtually? Rabbi Guzik notes, “As much as I would love to see everyone’s faces, it was special “gathering” online as a group of women. Online classes can still uphold the sanctity of Sisterhood. It was important to recognize that everyone’s seder might look different this year but likewise, we will celebrate Passover so that future generations know we did not abandon our story.”

As we enter the final days of Passover, take some time to reflect. This year is unique and unprecedented. 

“This is true freedom. Our ability to shape reality. We have the power to initiate, create and change reality rather than only react and survive it. How can we all educate our children to true freedom? Teach them not to look at reality as defining their acts but to look at their acts as defining reality.” – Yaacov Cohen, Entrepreneur

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