Sinai Successes

Virtual Kibbitz & Comedy Night

We needed to laugh, and Wendy Liebman and Mark Schiff delivered! Last Thursday, Sinai Temple hosted a Virtual Kibbitz & Comedy Night, which enabled our community and friends from all over the country to come together and bond over our shared love of comedy. From joking about remembering her real age to interacting with her stepchildren, Wendy Liebman delighted us with her hilarious word play and incredible sense of timing. Mark Schiff, who has opened for Jerry Seinfeld for the past 15 years, relayed funny stories about being married for 31 years, complaining about undressing for doctors and then waiting for them for 30 minutes, and the “dates” he and his wife have gone on during the pandemic. With the pandemic being incredible challenging and stressful, this hour of nonstop laughter was pure gold and very much needed.

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