A Bisl Torah

A Bit of Tweaking

I don’t own a vision board, but I like the concept. The idea is to visually display your goals and where you hope life will lead. Want that career boost? Paint the picture of how you will get there. Dream of a better relationship? Illustrate commitment and dedication. Create a masterpiece of the life you want and instead of admiring the art, live it.

It sounds so easy. But many of us understand that life is filled with obstacles, bumps in the road that cause our masterpiece to look like buckets of paint smeared across a page. There is no perfect job, relationship, or family. Ask anyone that seems to have it all: they also hold a bit of brokenness.

We all do.

Perhaps the purpose of the vision board is to remember what is most important. To cultivate love, grow in confidence, give whenever we can, and help those that need to be seen. To start each day thanking God for the ability to feel the warmth of the sun and remember that we each serve a unique purpose in this beautiful world.

Midrash reminds us, “Anything created in the first six days needs further actions. For example, mustard seeds need sweetening, peas need sweetening, wheat needs grinding, even humans need fixing.”

We all need a bit of tweaking. Even you. A bit of fixing so that we become the best versions of ourselves.

Threads will unravel. Colors will bleed outside the lines. Original goals will fade, and new ones are destined to take center stage. As we shape our souls, our masterpieces will shine, touched by God’s paintbrush.

Live out your masterpiece. Your beautiful, messy, original, priceless masterpiece.

Shabbat Shalom

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