Celebrating the Music of Sinai Temple


It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I present you with a taste of the music of Sinai Temple. This album represents the next chapter in Sinai Temple’s rich musical history, after contributing over 100 years to the world of Jewish music. When I first imagined this project, I wanted to showcase the many different sounds, styles, and most importantly, people that help create the music at Sinai Temple. Celebrating our diverse backgrounds and heritages, we came together to produce these special t’filot, songs of praise. The vast majority of the compositions on this album were written by the cantors and music directors of Sinai Temple, or were commissioned by our synagogue to be used in our services. On this album we feature the grand music of our Shabbat morning and High Holy Day services, showcasing a more traditional cantorial sound accompanied by organ and choir. We also feature the modern music of The Ted & Hedy Orden and Family Friday Night Live, first started in 1999 by Rabbi David Wolpe and Craig Taubman. Now under the leadership of the next generation, we have continued the process of innovating and reimagining the sounds of synagogue music. We hope that this music will inspire and uplift you as it has done for thousands of Sinai Temple members.

I would like to personally thank all those who were involved in producing this album and especially our generous donors, without whom this would only be a dream.

– Cantor Marcus Feldman  

Music reaches where words cannot go. For generations, people who barely knew the prayers still found that the melodies of our tradition lodged in their memories and in their souls. This collection represents the beauty of generations of creators and artists fashioning the tradition to capture its essence. We at Sinai Temple are proud to offer this to our congregants and friends. Surely some of these notes will awaken, inspire and move you on your journey to soulfulness and deepen your connection to our tradition, to one another, and to God.

– Rabbi David Wolpe



L’dor Vador
Meir Finkelstein
V’al Kulam
Meir Finkelstein
L’cha Dodi
Daniel Raijman
Meir Finkelstein
Kol Nidre
Meir Finkelstein
Ralph Schlossberg
Sim Shalom IV
Meir Finkelstein
Y’did Nefesh (Niggun)
Jacqueline Rafii
Tov L’hodot
Shlomo Carlebach
Birkat Hachodesh
Meir Finkelstein
Avinu Malkeinu
Max Janowski
Sh’ma Koleinu
Max Helfman
Mi Chamocha
Marcus Feldman, Erez Sherman, Daniel Raijman
Daniel Raijman
Bob Remstein
Sim Shalom
Leopold Edelstein
Craig Taubman
Ose Shalom
Daniel Raijman

Shabbat Morning

The Ted & Hedy Orden
and Family Friday Night Live

High Holy Days



Aryell Cohen, The Sinai Temple Choir, and the Friday Night Live Band


Cantor Marcus Feldman, Aryell Cohen and Daniel Raijman


Cantor Marcus Feldman
Cantor Lisa Peicott
Cantorial Soloist Jacqueline Rafii
Chloe Pourmorady (Bar’chu)


Aryell Cohen


Shelly Fox, Soprano
Diane Plaster, Soprano
Claudia Sobol, Alto
Leanna Brand, Alto
Jeremy Schoenberg, Tenor
Daniel Plaster, Tenor
E. Scott Levin, Bass
Michael McClish, Bass


Daniel Raijman, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Jonathan Arbel, Bass and Saxophone
M.B. Gordy, Percussion
Rabbi Erez Sherman, Piano
Avi Bialo, Trumpet
Roni Silberstein, Flute
Chloe Pourmorady, Violin
Arrangement by Daniel Raijman


Malcolm and Gay Cosgrove
Selma Daye
Tom and Judy Flesh
Richard and Carole Greenberg
Bart Kogan
Irv and Barbara Tenenbaum
The many members who donated to The Sinai Temple Music Fund

Recording music at Sinai Temple
Recorded live at Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA and in studio at Studio City Sound, Studio City, CA. Produced and mixed at Studio City Sound, Studio City, CA.


Sinai Temple serves as one of the flagship institutions of Jewish Music in the United States. Through the years, Sinai’s Cantors, music directors, and musical team, have written and commissioned hundreds of new settings of Jewish music. From Max Helfman, to Meir Finkelstein and Craig Taubman, the music created and showcased at Sinai Temple has been as diverse as our unique community.

Today, Sinai continues to be at the forefront of both showcasing the classic settings of Jewish music, and creating new Jewish musical traditions. We continue to commission talented composers, showcase national Jewish talent, and produce a vast array of concerts and musical programs.

Through our weekly Shabbat morning service with organ and choir, our The Ted & Hedy Orden and Family Friday Night Live service with band, Sinai Temple Youth Choir, our annual musical concert and program series, and much more, we invite you to share in the heritage of our people, joining together in community and song.

– Cantor Marcus Feldman