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הִנֵּה מַה טוֹב וּמַה נָּעִים
שֶׁבֶת אָחִים גַּם יַחַד

Hineh ma tov umah na’im shevet achim gad yachad
How good and pleasing it is to sit together in community

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In 1906, a group of Jewish families founded Sinai Temple as “a place to pray in a way that reflected their beliefs [especially] communal prayer.”1 Thanks to your generous support, our founders’ vision lives on today and Sinai Temple can accomplish its holy mission of creating and sustaining a community.

We are bound together by our faith in God, commitment to the values of the Torah, passion for education and our unshakable support for the people and land of Israel. For over a century, these sacred covenants have made Sinai Temple a central institution of Jewish life for the Los Angeles Jewish Community. Sinai Temple seeks to provide a range of opportunities to sustain our connection to our rich tradition and to one another through religious services, educational programs, schools, weddings, B’nai Mitzvah, Jewish burial, as well as a range of cultural, social and recreational activities for our entire community.

To sustain our vibrant community, Sinai Temple relies on the generosity of our members, who are committed to supporting the continuity of our Jewish traditions and values through the generations.

Brizel, Florie “Sinai Temple: A Centennial History 1906 – 2006”


It’s only thanks to the support of members like you that Sinai Temple can achieve our vital mission. Like the generations who came before, your gift ensures Sinai Temple can create community today, and your gift secures our future.

Because of Your Gift to Sinai Temple, We Can:

  • $18,000 Provides Shabbat and holiday experiences to our Dor Chadash community
  • $10,000 Supports our ability to offer multiple High Holy Day experiences
  • $7,500 Enables Sinai Temple to provide families with tuition assistance
  • $5,400 Helps our Religious School teachers teach Jewish education
  • $3,600 Sponsors programs for ATID, which engages young adults in their 20s and 30s
  • $1,800 Assists our Caring Community to provide support for members in need

These are but a few examples of the myriad of ways your gift supports our Sinai Temple community.
Because of your support, Sinai Temple can fund all our crucial programs and services.

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Click donate now to make your gift securely online, mail a check to Sinai Temple, or call (310) 481-3246.

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For more information on other ways to donate, such as goods and services, donor advised funds, planned gifts, stock, wire transfers and more, contact Mike Amerikaner at or call (310) 481-3246.

Make Your Donation Doubly Meaningful — Donate Israel Bonds to Sinai Temple

When you donate Israel Bonds to Sinai Temple, you are doing a Double Mitzvah.

That’s because when you donate Israel Bonds, the money goes to Israel to help build every sector of her economy. Then, once your bond matures, the principal is to Sinai Temple (interest is paid twice yearly or at maturity). Your donation may be tax deductible to the extent permitted bylaw; speak to your tax advisor. By donating an Israel Bond, you support both the State of Israel and Sinai Temple. A win for all! What better way is there to build the local and global Jewish communities?

To set up your Israel Bonds account quickly and easily, call Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds at (888) 764-2632 and one of their representatives will walk you through the process.

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