Ritual Preparations for Passover

The regulations and traditions regarding how to prepare your home for Passover are complex. Thankfully, there is plenty of helpful information available for free online. With ever-evolving technologies and new food products, it’s important to read an up-to-date guide from a trustworthy source. We recommend this one from the Rabbinical Assembly. They have also created this document focusing on issues of particular relevance for the current year.

The day before Passover is a traditional fast day for firstborn Jews, commemorating how they were saved from the 10th plague in Egypt. However, we generally try to exempt ourselves from this obligation by participating in a “Siyyum” — the conclusion of a course of Torah study. We will be holding a Siyyum on the day of the fast, Wednesday, April 5, immediately following our 7:30 a.m. minyan. Please join us in-person in Ziegler Sanctuary or stream online HERE.

One of the central observances of Passover is to avoid owning Hametz during the holiday. One of the traditional ways to do is to conduct a sale of our Hametz to a non-Jew. This sale goes into effect at the time that ownership becomes forbidden on the eve of the holiday, regardless of where that Hametz is located. The general assumption is that the Hametz will be sold back to us shortly after the conclusion of the holiday, at the time that ownership is again permitted. This act of sale is strongly recommended, even if you believe that you are already rid of your Hametz.

We would be happy to arrange this sale on your behalf. To do so, please click HERE to fill out the form today. Please note that this form will only be available through Monday, April 3. We are unable to accept submissions after this date. There is no charge for this service. If you would like to make a donation, please go to

Please note that this form is only for the continental US and times zones to our West. It is also limited to homes and cannot be used by grocery store owners and other businesses.