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Pesach VIII – Yizkor: The Meaning of Trees

Keywords: Adam; desert; Elie Wiesel; eternal; Eve; forest; fragile; fruit; furious; garden; Giving Tree; grief; human; knowledge; life; literature; parenting; pathetic fallacy; poem; psalmist; roots; Sequoia; shade; Shel Silverstein; Spring; tree; wind; yizkor

Passover I – My Broken Face & How We See People

Keywords: Abraham Lincoln; autism; bandages; beauty; Beverly Wilshire Hotel; bleeding; blood; charity; damage; doctors; face; fight; funeral; gash; hungry; ICU; judge; lawyers; neurological; Nietzsche; nose; plastic surgeon; President; quadriplegic; repulsive; Samuel Johnson; Sheila Nazarian; shopping; tissue; tumult; UCLA; ugly; wedding


Terumah – Three Heroes Reach 100: Kirk Douglas, Abe Zarem and Max Webb

Keywords: Abe Zarem; age ; artist; atomic bomb; automatic oscillograph; Brooklyn; buildings; charming; Chicago; concentration camp; Esther; eunuch; experience; handsome; innocence; Issur Danielovitch; Jackie Robinson; Kirk Douglas; longevity; Manhattan Project; Max Webb; mentor; Nazi; old; Poland; Robert Oppenheimer; scientist; starve; survivor; vitality; wisdom; Xerox


Mishpatim – The Kind of Jews We Should Be

Keywords: Albanians; beggar; behavioral; community; contribution; debt; duty; family; fundraising; grateful; gratitude; half-shekel; learning; life; Mexicans; money; redemption; rites; rules; sacred; sacrifices; secret; studying; suffering; Ukrainians

Yitro – The Gift of Receiving

Keywords: anger; baseball; bread; burden; Dodgers; experience; Franklin Institute; fresh; gift; giving; gold coin; heart; Jerusalem Marathon; Jethrow; love; Moshe; Naftali Zvi of Ropshitz; natural; party; Philadelphia; Rabbi Yechiel; Rashi; receive; relevant; Rich Garcia; stale


Vaera – Why Didn’t The Plagues Work?

Keywords: birth; blood; Egypt; empathy; frogs; guards; Hertzel; hospital; Merkel; mirror neurons; Moses; movies; mysteries; Nile; Pharaoh; plague; plagues; politics; Putin; secret service; shepherd; tomorrow; Vienna; Washington; water; Zalman Shazar

Shemot – America 2017: What We Hope For

Keywords: Annie Hall; Battle of Agincourt; Bible; catastrophists; Constantinople; criticize; Egypt; encouragement; England; France; goodwill; humility; Hundred Year War; inauguration; iPhone; Istanbul; Joan Of Arc; Johannes Gutenberg; Moses; movable type; Ottoman Empire; praise; prayers; President Trump; Reformation; Renaissance; restaurant; Shakespeare; Tamerlane; Timur; waiter