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Tzav – The Meaning of Freedom

Keywords: Amazon; apathy; ask; boots; Camp Ramah; changes; curiosity; Dear Abby; dissatisfaction; Edgar Bronfman; Exodus; free speech; imagination; insight; learning ; liberation; Maimonides; meaningful; Ojai; question; rain; rainbow; raincoat; Seagram; Shimon Peres; singing

Vayakhel-Pekudei – If We Could Tell Them

Keywords: 1941; AIPAC; bi-partisan; Chaim Herzog; Christian; Cindy Montanez; democrat; earthquake; IDF; IsraAID; Israel; J.P. Foster; Jerusalem; Mexico City; Nazi; Poland; republican; Ryan Holloway; security; senator; SS; students; Syria

Ki Tisa – Lucky You, Lucky Them

Keywords: apples; chance; costume; ears; Esther; fate; Haman; hamentashen; Harold Kushner; honey; lots; lottery; luck; mezuzah; Mordechai; oznei Haman; plot; polio; Purim; salt; summer; superstitious; tzedakah; When Bad Things Happen To Good People


Zachor – The High Priests Frontlet – A Model for Holy Community

Keywords: Aaron; chair; clothes; Douglass Family; frontlet; high school; innovation lab; jeans; kindness; Kodesh L'Adonai; lunch; pendant; school; sea urchin; sing; slave; smile; songs; tabernacle

Terumah – To Lead or Not to Lead

Keywords: adventure; bush; community; courage; excuses; failure; fire; George Washington; give; honey; humility; Isaiah Berlin; job; John Quincy Adams; Jonathan Sacks; leader; milk; mistakes; nasi; Numbers; president; President's Day; prince; righteousness; risk; Ronald Regan; sanctuary; shepherd; shoes; tabernacle; take; wisdom

Yitro – Do I Need What I Want?

Keywords: Ari Sacher; bombs; books; bracelet; bullets; Catherine The Great; covet; desire; faith; Group M; Ibn Ezra; investment; knowledge; mind; Nathan Diderot; necessity; necklace; need; New York Times; peasant; Philadelphia; philosophy; pilot; princess; Rob Norman; robe; Rolling Stones; shoes; smartphone; sweatshirt; technology; thought; want; war; wedding; Zohar


Beshalach – Go Big or Go Home

Keywords: book; Candy Lightner; dreams; Egypt; Exodus; Gary Keller; Gavriel Iddan; greatness; J. K. Rowling; Keller Williams; Kobe Grunwald; living big; miracle; real estate; realistic; sedentary; Solomon Grunwald; Thomas Henry Huxley; What's Your One Thing; Whitney Grunwald; zohar

Shemot – Memories of My Mother

Keywords: 76ers; aphasic; basketball; Boa constrictor; boldness; boy; brave; California; cerebral hemorrhage; coffee; dusted; electric blanket; engaged; father; funeral; haircut; Hal Greer; kaddish; language; manager; Mark Gerson; mother; NYU; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia; Rebbetzin; shoes; sports; unbelievable