Sinai Temple Religious School



We are committed to instilling a strong connection to the Jewish tradition, Israel and the community at large. Our accredited, nurturing, and enthusiastic staff are passionate about teaching children the joy of Judaism. Starting in our elementary grades, we ‘do’ hands on Judaism, through art, movement in music/tefillah (prayer) and cooking. On Sunday mornings we ‘dance’ Judaism.

In our upper grades, we continue to study Torah stories, Hebrew, Tefillah (prayer), and Israel. We have a unique Na’aseh program (5th-7th grades) that offers flexibility to our families, elective choices for our students and experiential education. We offer synagogue sleepovers and weekend camp retreats in order to build our community and celebrate the beautiful Shabbat and Havdallah ceremonies together. We believe in the value of nurturing and developing the Jewish Identity of our students.


  • Passionate, Enthusiastic and Accredited Faculty
  • Na’aseh Experiential Education
  • Exciting Electives
  • Nationally recognized Senior Rabbi David Wolpe and Clergy
  • Student Leadership Initiatives
  • Witness to Witness Holocaust Survivor Program,
  • A Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Special Needs
  • Derech HaLimud Hebrew Program
  • Professional Choir
  • Tech Curriculum created with Judaic content for each grade

A Look Inside the STARS Program

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A Peak At Virtual School

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