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The Sinai Temple Israel Center was established to forge an ever stronger link between Los Angeles Jewry and Israel by providing programs and resources with an emphasis on education, culture, advocacy, and travel. The Israel Center aspires to enhance Israel’s image and standing in our community and across the United States.
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David and Angella Nazarian Youth Leadership Program

Funded by generous Sinai Temple members Angella and David Nazarian, the Nazarian Youth Leadership Program was designed to instill a love of Israel into the hearts and minds of Sinai Temple teens.

The Nazarian Fellowship is a highly competitive and prestigious program, composed of Sinai Temple teens who demonstrate strong leadership skills and share a passion for developing ties between Israel and the Los Angeles Jewish community. Fellows are given unique opportunities to cultivate their leadership abilities and develop their voices as ambassadors for Sinai Temple, Israel and the greater Jewish community. Nazarian Fellows have exclusive access to the Nazarian Israel Leadership Mission tip to Israel, Priority on our AIPAC conference teen delegation, and more!

Want to learn more? Contact Sinai Temple Teen Director, Jason Druyan, at or 310-481-3232.

Community Partners

Israel Center Community Partnership: Fuel for Truth
Fuel For Truth works to equip young adults/professionals around the United States with the facts, skills and confidence to advocate for Israel and impact how members of their social and professional networks understand the Arab-Israeli conflict. FFT does this by educating and empowering these individuals with high-level analysis of Israeli history and current issues, proven communication skills rooted in behavioral psychology, and mock social simulations that reflect real-world discussions surrounding Israel. More than ever, in a time when Israel’s right to exist and defend itself is increasingly questioned, advocates must be as prepared as possible to have these difficult conversations.

Sinai Temple is proud to host monthly Fuel for Truth meetings at our site. While we currently simply serve as a meeting location, we are planning for a more involved partnership in 2020 and beyond.

Spotlight on
Sinai Temple Religious School’s Shinshinit:
Hilli Lam

Hilli Lam is the 2019-20 Shinshinit of Sinai Temple Religious School and the Sinai Temple Israel Center. Shinshin is a government program for Israeli teenagers who choose to postpone their first year of army service and travel from Israel to volunteer in Jewish communities around the world. Hilli grew up in Haifa, has two siblings, and was a counselor in Scouts for three years. During her time in Los Angeles, Hilli is being housed by generous Sinai Temple families. In the Religious School, she serves as both a fifth and seventh grade teacher. She has also partnered with Rabbi Sherman to bring music and Israeli culture to the Sinai Akiba Early Childhood Center. In addition, Hilli just launched a Hebrew 101 class for adults, which is sponsored by the Israel Center and takes place on Saturday afternoons. For more information on the class, please contact It is Hilli’s mission to bring as much Israeli culture, knowledge and fun facts to Sinai Temple as possible.


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