Israel Center

The Sinai Temple Israel Center seeks to forge an ever stronger link between Los Angeles Jewry and our sacred land of Israel by providing programming and resources in the areas of education, culture, advocacy, and travel. The Israel Center aspires to enhance Israel’s image and standing in our community and across the United States.


Sinai Temple annually takes the largest synagogue delegation in the country to the AIPAC Policy Conference, including over 250 adults and teens. AIPAC attendees and community members meet throughout the year to learn how to be advocates in our local communities and to discuss current issues. The Sinai Temple Teen Center hosts an annual Israel Advocacy Day where students learn to lobby and discuss Israel related issues with local politicians and officials. In addition, over twenty students annually become David and Angella Nazarian Youth Leadership Fellows, youth leaders that advocate for the land of Israel and the Jewish community of Los Angeles.


Thirty-Something Books About Israel to Know Your Stuff by Daniel Gordis

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Sinai Temple regularly hosts speakers on Israel, such as Ari Sacher, scientist and researcher behind the Iron Dome project. Weekly emails are sent to the congregation with current news pertaining to Israel and world Jewry. Adult education courses and series are held throughout the year on topics related to Israel. Sinai Temple’s Chai School offers Israel education courses, including the BDS movement on college campuses, how to speak about Israel and a 101 course on the conflict. Atid, Sinai Temple’s young professional group, recently engaged in conversation with Professor Saba Soomekh about anti-semitism in Europe.


Sinai Temple embraces Israeli culture, hosting events such as an Israeli wine tasting evening and a Shabbat dinner with Israeli food and dancing. Sinai Temple’s halls feature a wall of honor to the IDF, featuring members of Sinai Temple who have served in the IDF. The Israel Center also hosts community Unity Concerts featuring Israeli artists like the talented David Broza.


Sinai Temple actively engages community members of all ages in travel to Israel. Sinai Akiba Academy hosts an annual 8th grade Israel trip, cultivating a meaningful first trip to Israel for many of its participants. Men’s Club hosted a trip to Israel and Azerbaijan with Rabbi Wolpe, creating a uniquely Sinai Temple Israel experience. The David and Angella Nazarian Youth Leadership Fellows program hosts a subsidized trip to Israel for an impressive group of Youth Fellows.