Sinai Temple Israel Center Rabbinical School Fellowship

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The Sinai Temple Israel Center Rabbinical School Fellowship engages first and second year Rabbinical school students across the denominations.

Fellows will explore the question,

“What is the meaning of a Jewish homeland?”  

This will be accomplished through primary text and exposure to scholars in the field of Israeli history, thought leaders in the realm of Israel-Diaspora relations, and Rabbinic leaders in North America.

Students will encounter an in depth study of the history of Israel and the theology of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze, who call the country their home.

Through a theological, sociological, and cultural studies approach, the fellows will study the heterogenous Israeli society from the perspective of nationality and ethnicity, as well as from religion, gender, and economic status.

This prestigious program will allow students within the different seminaries to begin dialogue about Zionism and Israel as they begin their Rabbinic school career. They will meet the top scholars in Israeli and Zionist history, and the top leaders in the academic and Rabbinic fields.

This 12-month fellowship provides the following opportunities:

Premier Academic Seminars with Top Scholars and International Leaders

Sinai Temple Israel Center Rabbinical School Fellows will be responsible to attend four hybrid seminars per semester. Dependent on location of the guest lecturer, some students will be in person, and others will be on zoom.

Each lecture will include an academic history on specific topics, followed by a conversation with a leader in that respective field.

Sinai Temple Israel Center Fellowship Mission to Israel

At the conclusion of the Sinai Temple Israel Center Fellowship, our fellows will travel to Israel to engage in how the theories of a Jewish homeland and Zionism are lived out in every day life on the ground.

Air transportation, deluxe accommodations in Israel, and all ground expenses in Israel are covered by the Sinai Temple Israel Center Rabbinical School Fellowship. The mission will take place from May 28-June 4, 2024.

JNF-USA Global Conference for Israel

Sinai Temple Israel Center Rabbinical School Fellows will attend the annual conference of the Jewish National Fund, which rotates cities each year. The next conference will be held in Dallas from November 14-17, 2024. The Rabbinical Fellows will assist in creating the programming for the conference.

Financial Stipend

Each Sinai Temple Israel Center Fellow will receive a $2500 stipend for the time and effort they take out of their busy schedules to learn more about Israel and Zionism and how it will shape their future Rabbinates.

Access to America’s Best Rabbis in the Field

The Sinai Temple Israel Center Rabbinical School Fellows will be partnered with a Rabbi within their respective denomination, observing how communities work with Israel education in real time, and allowing students to use their new found knowledge and experience within schools, synagogues, and organizations.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Erez Sherman, at [email protected].

This fellowship is made possible in part from funding provided by Jewish National Fund’s Boruchin Fund.