A Bisl Torah

A letter from God

To my children:

A few gentle reminders as you gather during the High Holy Days.

You may have purchased tickets to sit in a seat, but you haven’t purchased tickets for a seat in Olam HaBa. Which means…

Be patient. Patient when lines are long, patient when another congregant starts a conversation that seems to have no end, patient when a child’s cries interrupts your train of thought. That person, that child is my creation too.

Be open. Open to the possibility of hearing a new idea, open to exploring a piece of your soul revealed only to me, open to a year of laughter, curiosity, wonder, potential and love.

Be gracious. Gracious as you listen, gracious as you pray, gracious as you speak to others. Let generosity of spirit displace stubbornness, entitlement and fear.

Be humble. This is a heightened time of emotion and I promise, I hear you. I hear all of you. Humble when you think about the intangible gift you receive each morning: the ability to wake up with life renewed. Humble when life swerves you in confusing directions. Humble when things don’t go your way. I will lift you up when you least expect.

Be grateful. Grateful when the security guard is doing his job. Grateful when you see the maintenance team cleaning up someone else’s mess. Grateful when the shofar is blown, and you hear the words of Kol Nidre. Grateful that you have this moment…this very moment to express thanks to those that make your life better, easier, filled with meaning and purpose.

Be patient, open, gracious, humble, and grateful. That’s all I ask.

Make me proud.

With the deepest wells of love,


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