A Bisl Torah

Be Their Light

Everyone is asking, “How does one show up for Israel?” This year, be their light.

Each night of Hannukah, share another name and picture of a hostage being held by Hamas. Let that hostage’s family know that they are not forgotten. Call the White House and demand release of the hostages.

The Hannukiah isn’t meant to be used for any kind of work. We don’t read or eat by the light of the Hannukiah. The fire isn’t used to kindle something else or bring warmth to an airy room. If the Hannukiah isn’t used for a functional purpose, it is clearly meant to convey a spiritual message. Primarily being that miracles have occurred in the past and we are bound to witness miracles in the future. To be a Jew is to believe that miracles are possible. The survival of the Jewish people is a miracle. The birth of the state of Israel is a miracle. Miracles are produced in environments of faith and persistence. With our blood, sweat and tears, we will see miracles in the coming days. We must.

This Hannukah, I am praying for the release of Amiram Cooper, age 85. He is not receiving the crucial medical attention that he needs. He needs medication to survive. He helped found Kibbutz Nir Oz and is a proud member of his community. He is the uncle of Sinai Temple member, Rona Passman. Help me in gaining attention for Amiram—he deserves to have his story shared. Demand his release.

Be his light.

For all the hostages, be their light. May we see the miracle of the hostages released—safely and soon.

Chag Urim Sameach, Happy Hannukah, and Shabbat Shalom

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