A Bisl Torah

Do You See It?

On a recent neighborhood walk with my children and their classmates, my son’s friend called out, “Do you see it?” His mom and I looked around and didn’t understand what he was referencing. But the child smallest in height pointed upwards. He drew our attention to an abandoned bird’s nest sitting on top of a traffic sign. He repeated, “Do you see it? Do you see the bird’s nest?” We both shook our heads, amazed by his abilities to see what we obviously could not.

God’s directive to Abraham is to go to a land that God will show him. Sforno, an Italian Biblical commentator explains that Abraham had to continue forward until God pointed out in a heavenly vision the place where Abraham should eventually settle. Until God revealed the destination, Abraham shouldn’t remain stagnant or complacent. Rather, he should prepare himself for that which God needed him to see. In other words, God asked Abraham to keep his eyes open.

But this also means, we can’t rely only on ourselves to see God’s blessings. On our spiritual journeys, wonders exist up and down, every which way. Whether it is through studying Torah, listening to the stories of a grandparent, or following the gaze of a child, our eyes are meant to be open. Our destination will be revealed but we can’t expect to arrive if we’re stuck, eyes closed, unwilling to hear God’s voice.

Do you see it? Our journeys are exponentially richer when we open our eyes to the sanctity of God’s world.

Shabbat Shalom

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