A Bisl Torah

First, Look Inward

The Torah introduces us to the idea of not defrauding another person. Leviticus 25:17 teaches, “Do not cheat one another, but fear your God.”

Hasidic master, Rabbi Simcha Bunim, cautions us in our reading of the verse. He says, “Do not read amito (one another) but instead, read emet (truth). Exchange the letter ayin with the letter aleph.” Meaning, do not cheat the truth from yourself.

It is much easier to criticize and judge someone else than it is to be honest with one’s own misgivings. Fingers pointed somewhere else. Others gossip. Others litter. Others find ways to cheat their neighbors. Rabbi Simcha Bunim teaches that we must first confront the lies we tell ourselves. Don’t cheat yourself in admitting the truth. We all have versions of ourselves we’re not willing to accept.

Before casting aspersions on our neighbors, consider your own behavior. First, look inward.

Shabbat Shalom

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