A Bisl Torah

Hide n’ Seek

I recently led a few discussions, asking, “When was a time you hid something about yourself?” I found myself hearing the following responses:
-I hide that people hurt my feelings because I don’t want to upset anyone. 
-I hide how sensitive I am because I don’t want others to see my emotion.
-I hide what is really happening at home because I don’t want people to think that something might be wrong.
I led these discussions with women. Women of all ages, all stages of life. We explored the idea that in the story of Purim, everything changes when Esther finally decides to reveal the truth about her identity. Initially, this queen conceals who she is, what she stands for and who she represents. It feels as if hiding is the key to winning the heart of the king. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth. When Esther chooses to be vulnerable, brave, open and honest, the story shifts. And that is when we celebrate.
Yes, Purim is a tale about watching tables turn. But Purim is also an unburdening of pretending to be something that we’re not.
It was painful to hear so many women and girls feel as if they need to hide who they are in order to succeed in life. Purim begs us to ask the questions: Why are we hiding? And what can be gained when we reveal exactly who we are?
Try being yourself. No more hiding. Let your story shift. 
Shabbat Shalom

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