A Bisl Torah


I was recently at a location that advertised their “community footprints” program. The program emphasizes the business’ responsibility towards the environment. The point was that each one of us makes an imprint in this world–for better or worse.

What kind of imprint do you imagine you are leaving? When the time comes to depart and bid adieu, will you look at your life and say, “I am proud of my legacy, how I conducted myself, the way I treated others and the space around me?” Or will you shake your head, wishing for the chance to live your life over again?

Our tradition reminds us that a good name is better than fine oil, better than riches. Community footprints…is your name, your character, your conduct, your words and deeds, your footprints making the right imprint, an impact that is upstanding and honorable?

May we make deep, memorable, loving and caring impressions in this world. Let the impact be great; let the positive repercussions be greater.

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