A Bisl Torah

Secrets of the New Year

I used to make an effort to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop in New York City. It was one of my favorite nights of the year. Usually a festive party, delicious food and drink and surrounded by family and friends. But as the years go by, I realize that while there is nothing wrong with a good party, I am more focused on time well spent; less about the guest list on December 31st and more about the guest list every other day of the year.

In other words, am I surrounding myself with people I love? Am I spending the gift of time imprinting positive memories with those I care for and rely on me? Will I look back at my life with regret, wondering why I worried about the mundane instead of focusing on what is time-worthy?

My New Years resolutions notoriously fail towards the end of January. So, no resolutions this year. Instead, an embrace of what our tradition teaches every single day. Shema Yisrael. Pay attention. Wake up. God is begging us to listen to the miracles of the world. As I write this Bisl Torah, the rain is pouring, birds are waking up, and my children are snuggling on the couch. Miracles. If only we would notice.

May today, tomorrow, and the days that follow cultivate a life filled with time well spent. Time filled with joy. Time filled with connection. Time filled love.

Happy 2022…Shabbat Shalom

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