A Bisl Torah

Spiritual Guests

The holiday of Sukkot provides a directive for hospitality. But not just the welcoming of friends and family in the here and now. There is an ushering of spiritual guests from the heavens above.

The Zohar, the central Kabbalistic text explains that when the Torah states we should dwell in booths for seven days, the word “dwell” is used twice. Once inferring the guests that sit around the table to eat; the other mention of “dwell” to invite figures from the past to inspire the start of the calendar year.

If Yom Kippur was a reenactment of our deaths, then perhaps, Sukkot resembles shiva, a seven-day period of sharing memories. Inviting those in our lives we desperately miss, those whose presence will offer comfort and bring us ease.

Whose memory graces your sukkah? May their spirit be as bright as the stars that appear overhead and linger with you, bringing you joy.

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

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