A Bisl Torah

The Power of the Pause

We all lead incredibly busy lives. From appointment to appointment, errand to errand, this world exists with people racing from one moment to the next. I remember living in New York City, feeling overwhelmed by the tenor of real urban life. Everyone walked quickly, eyes turned downward, people talking on their phones or tuned out to the voices around them. When I return to California, I would look up at the blue sky and just breathe. It felt acceptable to pause.

Many moments feel like New York City—moving, moving, moving, unable to experience the majesty of this exceptional world. But we all should remember, the best remedy to a busy day is to stop, pause and just look around. Whether we see a cloudless blue sky, a tapestry of human faces before us, or the miracle of children playing together, we will be reminded that glory exists right before us.

And that is Shabbat. Six busy days filled with details of creation, work, rigor and exertion. But the seventh day, God rested. God paused and reveled in the beauty of the world.

Take a breath and stop for a little while. Let the business of the everyday subside. Pause…You’ll certainly thank God you did.

Shabbat Shalom

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