Honorable Mensch-ion

Are We Ready?

There was a man who was a habitual sinner. There was no sin in the world he had not committed. One day, his conscience tormented him and he decided to repent for his sins. He went to the local Rabbi and confessed all of his transgressions. He told his Rabbi, he knows he deserves a harsh punishment. He was prepared to accept whatever the Rabbi told him. The Rabbi answered him, “After listening to your many confessions and to the description of your sins, here is your punishment…”

“I will take a pot of hot lead, and pour it down your throat.” The sinner prepared himself for this ordeal. The Rabbi brought one pot of lead, and one large tablespoon of honey. As the sinner prepared to receive the pot of lead, the Rabbi poured the honey down the sinner’s throat. As the man swallowed the honey, he shouted, “What has happened???” The Rabbi responded, You have come on your own account to confess all your sins.

We have a choice in teshuva, repentance. We can build our home with relationships and love, or we can continue to wallow in the self-pity of the mistakes we cannot get back.
Let us be ready to return today, and not wait until tomorrow.

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