Honorable Mensch-ion

Bless the Broken Road

The Talmud teaches that atop of King David’s bed, hung a harp. As soon as midnight would arrive, a northerly wind would blow upon the strings of the harp and cause it to play itself. The music would awaken King David from his slumber and he would arise to study Torah until the break of dawn.

This Saturday evening, we follow the study habits of King David. We will gather at Sinai Temple for our Selichot service, the prayers recited the week before Rosh Hashana. We pray that our sacred music will awaken our souls to do the hard work we attempt to avoid the rest of the year.

We will hear from Sinai Temple members who have “blessed the broken road.” Each one of us has faced trials and tribulations this past year, and we are acutely aware of life’s vulnerabilities. Yet our tradition demands of us to find blessing even throughout heartbreak. We will read, “Listen to the song that my heart sings, listen to the voice of my prayer. Have regard to our suffering and not to our shortcomings, cleanse us who cry out to You, wondrous God.” Begin this new year of 5778 as a sacred community together, where our hearts will sing and our souls will rejoice.

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