Honorable Mensch-ion

Connected Through Distance

The events of this week are unprecedented. Schools, houses of worship, workplaces are closed. Every major sports league ceased playing. Education and communication goes online.
It is difficult for everyone, and for the Jewish community, a people who craves togetherness, we ask ourselves: How can we not pray in a minyan? How can we not celebrate Shabbat in the same room as our loved ones? How can we not participate in community when community is what defines us?
Pikuach nefesh is the ultimate Jewish value: We choose life and we value life. In that vein, we must do what is necessary to ensure this value continues to be our focus.It is strange to live a life on Zoom, to live a life without handshakes and hugs. Yet, we know our tradition also provides much that allows us to connect to each other through text, through prayer, through the essence of who we are, Am Hasefer, the people of the book.
This Shabbat, in the comfort of your own home, join Shabbat services by watching online HERE starting at 9:30 a.m.

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