Honorable Mensch-ion

Go To Yourself

Go to yourself. That is God’s command to Abraham-to leave his father’s house, to leave his country, and go to a strange land that God will show him.
It is easy to be told where to go and what to do. It is much more difficult to “go to yourself,” to find a place that is comfortable for you, yet challenging enough to find a deeper meaning.
Go to yourself—-a place in your soul.
Yesterday morning, I once again had the honor of delivering soup and homemade bread to Church of The Good Shepherd, to feed the homeless that show up on their doorstep each Friday morning.
Yet, I was simply a messenger. Family Minyan member Gail Rollman took the command to Abraham to heart. To celebrate her birthday, Gail gathered two dozen friends at Sinai Temple for an evening of food preparation- cutting vegetables, kneading dough, cooking soup.
Yesterday morning, I took Gail to the church. We met Paula, who spends each Thursday morning getting the kitchen ready. We met Mary and Andrew, who make a run to the food bank to gather staples. And they met Gail of Sinai Temple, who looked into her soul, saw a need, and decided to celebrate another year, she would not take but rather give.
Lech L’cha- go to yourself, go to a place that God will show you. You will know when you are there.

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