Honorable Mensch-ion

Israel, We Are With You

This past week, rockets once again rained down on Israel, reaching as far as the central part of the country. Schools closed, people were home from work, and one jarring picture of a wedding taking place in a bomb shelter circulated.

I received a call during that time from Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP). This is an organization that sends firefighters from the United States who are not Jewish to Israel, to both help build the fire department force, and learn from Israeli techniques how to better serve our country.

With the proceeds from the Sinai Temple Men’s Club Burning Bush Dinner of 2019, EVP has sent three deployments to Israel this past year.

What was going to be a routine training exercise turned out differently.

Upon landing, these American firefighters hit the front lines, putting out the rocket fires, and relieving other israeli firefighters in their routine calls.

The Torah’s first question in Bereshit, God to Abraham, is Ayeka, where are you? This question is answered in this week’s parsha by Abraham, Hineni, here I am.

We are thousands of miles away. Yet, our Sinai support has been felt, by firefighters and by Israelis alike.

May this Shabbat be one if peace.

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