Honorable Mensch-ion

Joy Again

It is hard to believe that we will celebrate Purim in the upcoming week. Purim is the day that we normally put on masks, and the world is turned upside down. This week, my daughter is preparing to return to school next week. In preparation, she met her teachers at the park. When I asked her what she was most looking forward to meeting her teachers in person for the first time, she simply responded, “I am excited to see their feet.” She was absolutely serious. Purim is a time where we think differently about the world. If each day of the last year has been a type of Purim, how do we celebrate the holiday this year?

At the conclusion of the megillah, we read: layehudim haita orah vesimcha, “For the Jews, there was light and joy.”

The Talmud teaches, “Light–this is the Torah that they once again studied. Gladness-this refers to the Festivals they once again observed. Joy-this refers to to brit mila-the eternal covenant.”

This is a year where these words must come to life. How often do we end our conversations, “One day we will celebrate again, learn together again, have joy again.”? At first, I thought my daughter was telling me a joke–she wanted to see her teacher’s feet. I quickly realized she was saying something much deeper–she desired the simple things we have all missed–the smiles, the emotions, the light, and the joy.

In the week ahead, make sure to join in our Sinai Temple Purim festivities. Dress up in a costume, attend our trivia night, hear the megillah being read, live out the words of Esther; let’s celebrate again, learn together again, and have joy again.

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