Honorable Mensch-ion

Pray for Parkland

This week’s Torah is a prayer by Rabbi Nicole Guzik.
Ribono shel olam, Master of the Universe, it is with anger, rage, confusion and sorrow that we turn our hearts to you. Today, parents prepare funerals for their babies. Today, parents grieve the hopes and visions of children graduating high school, falling in love, achieving professional goals, and manifesting their dreams. Dear God, help us to reach those that mourn and are afraid.
Let the families of Parkland, Florida hear our voices and feel bolstered by our words. This world cannot be defined by destruction and fear. Give us the strength to stem the tide of apathy, violence and despair by reaching across this nation with kindness, peace, and love. May our prayers weave one to the other, carrying the bereft through the vast darkness, enabling them to feel God’s light, once again. Amen.

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