Honorable Mensch-ion

Too Many Questions

Why are there so many laws on Passover to commemorate one miracle, that of the Exodus? Sefer Hachinuch, the 13th century book of mitzvot, explains we are affected in accordance with our actions, and our heart and thoughts constantly follow the deeds in which we are occupied, whether good or evil. The Talmud explains that God gave us Torah and an abundance of mitzvot to preoccupy all our thoughts through them. For through good actions, we are affected to become good.

Tonight we will perform 15 steps of our Seder. Some will get through the steps because they have to. Others will spend all night meticulously performing the rituals. Yet, the real question does not pertain to the Seder. Rather, the essential question is, “What does tomorrow look like based on what I have learned tonight?” Will I continue to welcome all those who are hungry to come and eat? Will I continue to open the door for Elijah? Will I continue to ask questions to engage my children in the traditions and meanings of our heritage?

If our answer yes, there will never be enough questions… let’s keep asking!

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