Honorable Mensch-ion

United We Stand

The Exodus commences the Jewish exile. Jacob did not go alone; the children of Israel went with him. Jacob’s name change to Israel occurred after his successful struggle with Esau’s angel, Jacob is a “pure man, the dweller in the tents of learning.” These are the keys to exile-love and devotion to learning. Rabbi Z.S. Suchard explains the qualities represented by Jacob can never leave a Jew; this is his existence. Yet, to exist in the Diaspora, we must connect with our neighbors, our friends.
Tonight, I am honored to welcome my friend and fellow faith leader, Pastor John Paul Foster of Faithful Central Bible Church, to join us at Sinai Temple for Unity Shabbat. He will be accompanied by 22 young professionals of his choir, and they will bless us with a message of peace, harmony, and friendship.
Pastor Foster has been a friend of Sinai Temple for many years, and he is just a speed dial away. We have studied Scripture together, participated in social action projects, and simply bonded over a common message of faith and Israel.
There is no better way to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. then to join us tonight at 7:30pm for Unity Shabbat.
As we know, united we stand.

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