Honorable Mensch-ion

What Do We Wear?

Today is the last day of school. In the world of yesterday, that meant a change of program from the regular school and work days, and a transition to camp. That also would mean a change of dress. From the slacks, shirt and tie to a transition to shorts and sneakers, interacting with our Sinai Temple families through the joy of sport and recreation. And while that simple change of dress code may seem trite, it is during this unique and strange time that it has a deeper message for us all.

We dress in a different manner for a Zoom call than we do in person. We have the ability to watch Shabbat services in our pajamas with coffee in hand. And yet, we know whatever external appearance we present at this moment, it is our soul that we must tend to.

Rabbi Shimon taught pity for the person who regards the Torah as a book of mere tales and everyday matter, for all peoples have great books with stories. But it is the Torah that contains in all its words higher truths and sublime mysteries. The stories are only her outer garments, and whoever looks upon that garment as being the Torah itself-how sad for such a person! The clothing worn by a person in only the most visible part of him, and foolish people will look at him and only perceive his outer layer. However, the value of the garments is the body, and the value of the body is the soul. So too for Torah. The Torah has a body and a soul that is enveloped in garments of worlds narrations.

A screen separates these days. We look and feel physically different; but remember, our soul has stayed the same. It needs the same nourishment, the spiritual connection. It needs to be wrapped in the garment of Torah; let Torah be our dress of the day.

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