Honorable Mensch-ion

Be Part of the Story

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks tells of the times his father took him to the synagogue. His father had very little education, and sold garments on the street. Each week they would return home from the synagogue and young Jonathan would asked his father the meaning of the traditions and rituals. His father would respond, “Jonathan, one day, I will give you the keys to the answers. I will ask you the question and you will tell me the meaning.” 
Rabbi Sacks explains this simple story was the impetus for him to become a Rabbi, and ultimately the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom. Rabbi Sacks asks, “Who would not want to be part of that story? Why would we give that story up?”
As we read the Exodus narrative over the next several weeks, there are challenges and pitfalls. In hindsight, we know the sea will split, miracles appear, and hope prevails.
The Torah holds the key not to our answers, but to our questions. Questions that allow us to be part of the living tradition.
Let’s continue the story together.

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