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Do You Need Recognition?

Do you need recognition? Are you being recognized for who you are and what you need?

Tetzaveh, this week’s Torah portion, is the only parashah in the Torah since Moses’ birth in which his name does not appear. Commentators note the variation in the text and praise Moses in this demonstration of leadership. It is obvious that Moses is the leader of the children of Israel. Does he really need name recognition for his many deeds and actions throughout the Torah?

I value Moses’ modeling of behavior. While it is important to receive a pat on the back for decent work, it is equally important to understand that diligence speaks for itself. The real reward shouldn’t come from accolades, but from enabling a vision to actualize and grow. 

However, there are many in this world that do excellent work and find themselves wondering why they are never seen or heard. People that hide in their humility but deserve to be recognized for their merits and behavior. Are you being recognized for the life you lead? For packing daily lunches for your children, offering sage advice to those in need, contributing in the workplace, giving tzedakah, or for role modeling righteousness? Is it time to receive a little encouragement and gratitude for the thankless tasks so many willingly take upon themselves? 

Perhaps the lack of Moses’ name isn’t about Moses at all. The Torah is reminding us to look for the people in our lives that aren’t as apparent as Moses. Those people that move like shadows through the night, always present, but rarely noticed. 

Find the person who isn’t being thanked. Offer them recognition and gratitude. Needed or not, a little appreciation never hurt anyone.

Shabbat Shalom 

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