A Bisl Torah

A Bisl New Year

The heaviness of the year feels palpable.

We continue to pray for the release of the hostages, experience waves of Jew hatred, and mull over what already existed pre-Covid: loneliness, isolation, and indifference.

And yet, I have seen and experienced so much hope: hundreds of people coming together to celebrate Shabbat and holidays, people of various faiths reaching out to offer comfort and strength, and beautiful acts of kindness exchanged between strangers and friends.

The world feels confusing. But we have the power within our hands to direct our future. A future filled with endless potential and opportunities. A future filled with advocacy and support. A future that includes our voice and our heart.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg once said, “People often avoid making decisions out of fear of making a mistake. Actually, the failure to make decisions is one of life’s biggest mistakes.” May 2024 be a year of wise decision making, taking risks, living with optimism, and fierce determination. Let us walk into this new year both grateful for what we have and what we will continue to bring to the world.

Happy New Year and Shabbat Shalom

In partnership with The Jewish Journal, you can also find Rabbi Guzik’s blog post HERE.

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