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A Lost Art

A Lost Art

Recently I’ve noticed a disappointing trend. While some argue that opening the door for another person isn’t egalitarian and perhaps even seen as belittling, call me old fashioned, I appreciate the small gestures.

I like when someone opens my door. I smile when I see a driver waving another driver to go ahead even though it’s clear, the first driver has the right of way. Although I’m strong and capable, I find it polite when another person offers their hand so I don’t stumble or graciously takes my heavy bags.

And I think I’m overly sensitive when these gestures are overlooked because of my upbringing. My father is the consummate gentleman. Opens doors. Carries bags. Continues to remind us to be respectful, say please and thank you, be courteous and honor others before ourselves. On this Shabbat before Father’s Day, there are so many anecdotes and lessons I could share about my dad. But today, I appreciate his teaching his four children and now, his four grandchildren how to be a mensch.

In Pirke Avot we learn, “In a place in which there are no men, strive to be a man.” Dad, your small gestures add up to one incredible role model. Old fashioned? Perhaps. Big hearted? Absolutely.

Happy early Father’s Day and Shabbat Shalom!

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