A Bisl Torah

A Tree of Life

The Torah is often compared to “a tree of life.” As we sing when we return to the Torah to the ark, “It is a tree of life for those that hold fast to it.” What is the essence of the analogy? What is a tree of life?

A tree, even the tallest and grandest, emanates from a tiny seed. The seed produces roots, anchored and overlapping. Over time, branches grow and fruit develops. The cycle begins again, with new life sprouting and spreading.

So too, Torah gives us grounding in an ever changing and challenging world. We stretch our minds and expand our souls, with Torah leaving positive imprints on the paths we choose to take. With each footstep, we leave behind traces of Torah, allowing our history, values, mitzvot, and traditions shape future generations. None other than a tree of life that endures through the wisdom of the mind and actions of the heart.

Grasp onto Torah. Like a tree deeply planted, surviving the elements and reaching towards the heavens, we too will find ourselves in similar states of growth. Rooted by faith, nurturing seeds waiting to inspire the next generation.

Shabbat Shalom

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