A Bisl Torah

Am I Live?

In this virtual programming world, there’s a new question many of us ask without realizing it: Am I live?

We say this phrase in the context of whether or not the entire world can see us online. These words transition us from authentic beings to whomever we want the camera to see; whichever piece of our lives we’re ready to reveal. Hair brushed, makeup on, smiles big…going live doesn’t necessarily mean the online world sees the reality of our living world. We present what we want to present; not always showing what’s really taking place beyond the screen.

And yet one of the silver linings of offering so much virtual programming is that the two worlds are blending. Quickly. There isn’t much time to think about the right outfit or how the kids are behaving or which perfect segment of life everyone should see. Going live is starting to mean: here we are, raw and vulnerable, ready to teach and ready to learn. Going live is now a path of connection, a chance to invite others into our hearts when we can’t invite them into our homes. Going live is less about pretending who we are and more about displaying the deep, sacred imperfections of our soul.

Going live shows we’re living. Breathing, failing, trying, grasping, hoping, praying, loving, yearning. Living.

Modeh Ani Lifanecha. Dear God, thank you for my life. My messy, beautiful life.

And for all of us watching each other’s lives splashed across the screen, how blessed we are to share these unscripted moments together.

Shabbat Shalom

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