A Bisl Torah

Butterflies in Flight

Who saw the butterflies?
This past week, almost a billion butterflies migrated through Southern California on their way up the coast. The “Painted Ladies” flew through the air, catching the eye of adults and children alike. Over and over again, I heard the phrase, “It is so magical.”
What is so magical about butterflies canvasing the sky? What prompts us to pause in our busy lives and watch this natural wonder?
Butterflies remind us of the possibility of transforming into something grander, bigger, filled with a beauty that is difficult to describe. Their bodies are like pieces of art, paintings left to be interpreted, masterpieces to be admired. And we watch these awesome creatures flexing their wings, ascending to heights far above and think, “One day, I will fly too.” 
May we find our way upwards, seeing the majesty in our own transformation. With a bit of tikkun halev, repair of the heart and tikkun henefesh, repair of the soul, who knows what kind of butterfly we will become? 
Shabbat Shalom 

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