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Change the Station

What music are you listening to?

For the past three days, our children insisted on listening to every word from the soundtrack of the musical “Annie”. Our family enjoyed toddler renditions of “It’s The Hard-Knock Life”, “Maybe” and of course, the infamous “Tomorrow”. When listening to music with children, questions inevitably arise. We were asked hard questions: “Who are Annie’s parents?” “What happens to Annie’s friends?” Theological and philosophical questions ensued: “But why wait until tomorrow when the sun is out today!” And most of all, smiles and dancing and laughter followed as we know the Annie story feels good and is tied up with a happy ending.

What soundtrack accompanies your life? If you were able to listen to the songs that match your steps would melancholy melodies follow? A light classical piece? Beach Boys? What kind of playlist does your life create?

For King David, his music inspired his life pursuits. According to the Talmud, “David hung his harp above his bed and when midnight would arrive the north wind would blow upon the harp (vibrating the strings) and causing music to emanate. David would immediately rise and begin studying Torah. He would continue his studies even as the first light of dawn appeared in the sky.” King David’s instrument encouraged spiritual growth and intellectual challenge. His soundtrack inspired, motivated, and pushed him to “wake up.”

What does your musical soundtrack inspire? Do you walk this world with a jump in your step or do you feel as if each day blends into the next and you are listlessly sleeping through?

Find the soundtrack that you wish to live by. And if you are frustrated with your personal response, don’t fret. Changing the station on the radio just might inspire the way you walk, the way you work and the way you live.

Poet Berthold Auerbach said, “ Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Choose your music wisely. Listen intently. Live joyously.

And let your soul thank you in return.

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