A Bisl Torah

Check Your Ego at the Door

One of my favorite lines in the Torah is offered this week. On behalf of God, Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh and implore, “How long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me?” Rashi explains that the word “humble” relates in Hebrew to the word “poor”. Meaning, Pharaoh cannot conceive of being perceived as lowly or destitute before the Great Almighty. Humility and vulnerability are qualities worse than death itself.

In some ways, I think many of us understand the conundrum. How much easier should it be to admit our mistakes, wrongdoing, and faults? Why is it so difficult to relent and let others’ expertise and wisdom rise over our bruised egos and insecurities? Must we always be correct? Shouldn’t humility come first?

Pharaoh chooses plagues over defeat. So many of us choose struggle and fighting over reconciliation and asking forgiveness. Why must we choose ego first and relationship second? Choosing partnership doesn’t mean forsaking one’s identity. Choosing to be humble suggests a strength of character, self-respect and recognition of deeper vision.

Perhaps the Torah is trying to help us not make Pharaoh’s same mistake.

Humility first. Check your ego at the door.

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