A Bisl Torah

Connecting Through Light

A special message from Rabbi Nicole Guzik
I understand that many of us feel afraid. But, what exactly do we fear? No answers. An inability to know when this will end. It is the unknown that feels shaky. Living with so much doubt is what causes a sinking ship; unable to navigate the murky waters set before us. But we have lived through uncertain times. We have walked on thorny paths. It is knowing that we are not alone that gives us hope and bolsters our strength.
Jews have lit Shabbat candles for thousands of years, connecting us through generations of history, reminding us of our commitment to our tradition. Our commitment to preserving our faith. Our commitment to each other. No amount of darkness can withstand the light we bring into this world. 
Candle lighting in Los Angeles begins at 6:42 p.m. tonight. As a Sinai Temple community, we ask that you light the candles this Shabbat, connecting us and recite the following kavannah, intention before your bracha: 
Dear God, as I light these candles, I connect myself to thousands of Jews around the world. Together, hearts woven, we usher in Shabbat, praying for the health and well-being of those that are ill, spreading sparks of healing and sparks of hope. Provider of Comfort, let these flames illuminate the darkness of the night. Shabbat will hold us together. May this light inspire us to be a source of peace, blessing, and love. Amen.
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