A Bisl Torah

Did You Get What You Need?

There are high hopes, high expectations around the holidays. Perfecting recipes, reuniting with loved ones and good friends, spending quality time together and reflecting on what you’re most grateful for.

But then you wake up and remember, nothing goes as expected. The Yiddish phrase reads, “Human beings plan and God laughs.” The pie didn’t set, there was back to back traffic on the 405, someone spilled the wine, the kids were noisy, and conversation went awry. Oh yeah, you also overslept during the Black Friday sales.

Instead of burrowing back into bed, our faith encourages us to seize the day, no matter if it is the day after Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashana or Passover.

Our morning prayers include the following blessing:

Blessed are You, Lord our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who gives strength to the weary.

The intention is that no matter how exhausting or upside down the day prior, we are gifted another day to try again. Another day to reconnect. Another day to reach out. Another day to make it right. God gives us the courage, power, and resolution to wake up seeing life renewed, holiday or not.

Did the holiday give you what you needed? Thank God we have another day to get it right.

And God-willing, another day right after that.

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