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Do You Believe In God?

A recent Pew study finds that 80% of Americans believe in God and 9% of those that say they don’t, believe in some higher power. That is a pretty high percentage of people seeking something greater than themselves. It is even more astounding that those who claim to be “non-believers,” admit to believing something when pushed a little further.

Perhaps you believe in a God that is described in the Bible. Maybe you believe in a God that is all-knowing and ever-present. Possibly you believe in something that doesn’t fit the name “God,” but you feel the presence of something reverberating throughout the universe. Whatever it is, you are in good company. Almost 90% of Americans believe in a higher power. This means we are searching for purpose and many of us hope that God or a higher power will help us achieve that purpose in this lifetime.

There’s a famous story from Jewish lore that describes a young boy going out to the forest to search for God. Day after day, he spends hours in the forest and comes back to face a frustrated father. “Son,” says the father, “What are you doing in the forest? Don’t you know that God is the same everywhere?” The son looks wistfully as his father and responds, “God may be the same everywhere. But Dad, I’m not.”

We are but a chain in the link of generations of seekers. We are meant to look for God. Human beings are ever-changing. From infants, to teenagers, to parents, to empty nesters and beyond, as our roles change, our relationships with God cannot expect to stay the same. God is ready to be found. We need to remain committed to the search.

May God direct you to your purpose. To whichever God or higher power directs your path, give thanks to that which fills your soul.

Shabbat Shalom 

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