A Bisl Torah

Eternal Light

The Torah introduces the ner tamid, the eternal light that was present in the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary. In every synagogue across the world, you will find a ner tamid—a light that connects us to the original ner tamid mentioned in the book of Shemot.

The sages spend an ample time discussing the eternal light. What does it mean to have a light that continuously burns? Rashi explains that a continuously burning light occurs when one begins igniting the flame and only retreats after witnessing the flame existing on its own. A light that is sourced from another but learns how to exist on its own.

The ner tamid is a constant reminder to recognize those people in our lives who enable us to grow and thrive. We walk through this world a compilation of memories, lessons, experiences, and sparks that fuel our every step. While it may look like we live and breathe on our own, our light is sourced from both those that come before us and those in this world that inspire us to shine with a unique brightness and beauty.

May our light radiate…a light from the past that will fuel generations to come.

Shabbat Shalom

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