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Friendships and Miracles

We are on the cusp of celebrating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In thinking about the legacy of this modern-day prophet, I researched some of the early interactions between Dr. King and theologian, Abraham Joshua Heschel. King and Heschel are known for their joint passion and activism, standing side by side to improve civil rights.

In Moment Magazine, Heschel’s daughter Susannah writes the following, “My father’s relationship with Dr. King felt a little miraculous. My father went to Chicago to give a speech at a conference on religion and race that had been organized by the National Conference of Christians and Jews. And that’s where he met Dr. King for the first time. And something happened in that moment. They suddenly, instantly became very close, in a very deep way….They were on each other’s minds and they were present even if they weren’t physically in the room; they were present to each other.”

How do we help the voiceless feel heard and the disenfranchised stay connected?

Our work cannot happen in a vacuum. We must open our eyes and hearts to the possibility of praying and fighting and crying with someone we have yet to meet. Tikkun Olam, the repair of this world occurs when the shards of our broken heart pair with someone else’s. Our united love should serve to fight against the sorrow, heartache, hunger and hopelessness that exists both within and outside our doors.

This Friday night, join us at the Orden Family Friday Night Live, 7:30pm and Shabbat morning at the Feit Family Shabbat Live at 10:45am. We will celebrate the legacy of Dr. King’s and Rabbi Heschel’s friendship, fervor and faith.

A miraculous friendship with everlasting repercussions.
Shabbat Shalom 

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