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Got Chutzpah?

I just arrived home in Los Angeles from Israel. I have never seen a more dissatisfied nation. I couldn’t be happier.

In an interview, Shimon Peres, z’l was quoted as saying the following, “Today you live 80 years. Two hundred years ago, you lived 40. What you have today, a king didn’t have. When a king had a toothache, he was crying like a baby. He didn’t have running water or a telephone. But the more we have, the more we want. Dissatisfaction: that is permanent.

In Israel, we met with a variety of people that can’t sit still. A group of people looking at the landscape of Israel and wondering, how can we do better? The group included: a young tech developer that first worked on computer programming for IDF fighter jets and now works with Google, adding to the fast-paced technology Israel provides the world; a social worker that has designed a kibbutz-style living for children coming from abused and neglected homes; an Israeli that reaches out to the asylum-seekers in Israel and provides daycare for parents that work within the impoverished areas of Tel Aviv; our former Consul-General to Israel, David Siegel who reminded our students about Israel’s daily negotiations and consultations. He explained how often Israel is at the table, reaching further, inspiring more.

The word used in each of these conversations: Chutzpah.

Israel has chutzpah. The attitude, drive, determination, passion and will to be better, to do more, to show the world that this little spark of light emanates with a bright intensity and strives to touch our souls.

Dissatisfaction. Chutzpah. Whatever you call it, we could all use a bit more.

Israel, thanks for the reminder. I hope to return to you very, very soon.

Shabbat Shalom

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